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G100 CO2检测仪

英国 Geotech


About Geotech’s portable CO2 analyser
  • · The G100 is a portable CO2 analyser used by embryologists and lab technicians
  • · it enables quick verification and validation of CO2 levels in incubators
  • · Used and distributed globally to the medical and research industries
  • · CO2 measurement levels between 0-20%
  • · Improved accuracy on CO2 readings
  • · Optional extra gases: measures O2 (0-100%); dual temperature probe (0-50 degrees C); humidity sensor (0-100%)
  • · Large data storage and data download available for all your readings
  • · G100 accessories are available so you can make more of your unit by allowing further measuring options
  • · The G100 comes with a one year warranty
  • · Lightweight, study, easy to carry around the laboratory
  • Benefits
  • 1. Accurate readings and quick verification of CO2 incubator levels – a reading takes under a minute
  • 2. Using one instrument makes analysis simple and easy
  • 3. Built in gas moisture removal protects the G100 from water ingress
  • 4. Dual temperature probes help you to adjust the temperature to stabilise conditions within your 5. 5. 5. incubator and helps you analyse temperature variation
  • 5. The G100’s easy to read menu and large, well lit display makes data readings quick and simple
  • 6. User friendly software specifically created for the G100 helps you make sense of your data storage and download
  • Used by
  • · Embryologists
  • · Lab technicians
  • · Scientists
  • · Stem cell researchers