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Watch them grow without disturbance

We all love to see things grow -- the kids, the dog, the flowers. With Miri Time-Lapse, you can watch the embryos grow and develop throughout the entire culture process. There's no need to take your dishes out for scoring. See them grow right on your monitor, enabling you to see significant morphological events for better prediction of future developmental and implantation potential.

Unique Incubation Environment

The Miri Time-Lapse’s overall design provides cultured embryos a minimum-stress environment. The six (6) chambers, designed to prevent cross-contamination, are entirely independent of each other; hence, any disruption such as temperature drop when opening the lid will have no impact on the rest of the system. Every time you open one chamber, you can always see the dish staying in the same compartment thereby minimizing the risk of mixing up the samples. The Miri TL also has a built-in  HEPA-VOC filtration system and UV light that cleans the airstream continuously. This value-added treatment is the market’s most secure and safest incubation environment for your embryos.

2 Temperature Mode Options:

  • Single : Uniform set points for all 6 chambers.
  • Multi : Individual set points for each chamber.

Unprecedented Faster Recovery

Having a multi-room incubator has its unwavering advantage over the conventional boxed CO2 incubator. You can have the excellent speed of recovery for both temperature and gas parameters after opening a chamber. And to top it all, with its built-in gas mixer and gas recirculation system, you can surely save more with its unbeatable lower total gas consumption rate.

Download Technical Note on the Miri TL validation study done by the Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel.

Say Hello to Sophisticated Annotation Tools

The Miri TL incubator has powerful annotation tools to help you decide confidently. The Assist function automatically detects the first cleavages; you can make a side-by-side comparison and compare actual timings to ideal. The visual approach of viewing your embryos also allows embryologists to detect developmental anomalies such as Direct Cleavage, fragmentation, and multinucleation, making it easy to select the best embryo for transfer.

Quality checking an easy breeze!

Stay focused on the most important -- solid laboratory procedures and workflow. The Miri TL has twelve (12) temperature sensors (2 for each chamber) to ensure constant temperature stability. On top of that, each compartment has a separate individual PT1000 sensor and gas sample port specifically designed for independent and continuous validation of temperature and gas concentration. A Miri GA can be optionally connected for external validation. It also allows you to store QC reports.

The Miri TL also has a built-in pH measuring system for pH monitoring.