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丹麦 IVFDevices


Do you do IVF in natural cycles
• With mild/moderate stimulation
• In low responder patients
• With < 5 follicles
Then you definately improve your pregnancy rates and lower your cancellation rates with the fluzher already in use in Scandinavia in both private and public IVF clinics.
A thorough review of published literature show, that flushing follicles in the above patient group, will increase the oocyte retrieval rates and thus the pregnancy rates.
1. The chance of recovering the oocytes will increase from 44,5% to 80,5% in monofollycular IVF cycles (p<0,01) (von
Wolf et al. 2013)
2. The recovered oocytes after flushing is as mature as without flushing (lozano et al. 2007, Mendez Lozano 2008,
Von Wolf et al. 2013)
3. No compromised comperence of the retrieved oocytes (fertilization-, cleavage- and implantation rate) (Lozano et
al. 2007, Von Wolf et al. 2013)
4. An increased transfer rate of 91% (relatively) in natural IVF cycles (Von Wolf et al. 2013)
Efficient Aspiration for Poor responders
• The Fluzher increase the number of eggs collected during aspiration  1
• Especially suitable for Natural IVF and Poor Responders  1, 4
• Fully speed-controlled flushing
• Minimal stress due to temperature controlled flushing and warming of media.
Removable warming blocks minimize the temperature drop in the eggs and the surrounding media, which reduce stress and make the handling to the next stage in the laboratory safe and easy
Temperature controlled
- heating media in syringe
- heating the warming blocks
- high warming block ensure homogeneous temperature in the media
Easy operation and handling
- Foot switch control the operation
- Easy and safe transport of eggs
- Simple setup for operation